★ EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard helps you recover deleted files from your Mac – and it has a promotion!

★ EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard helps you recover deleted files from your Mac - and it has a promotion!

Ah, the old and well-known terror of not finding an important file on your Mac. As much as cloud storage systems are becoming more and more common, most of us still work with the traditional scheme of saving files locally, in folders on the hard drive – old habits die hard, after all of bills.

The problem is that physical media is susceptible to failure, and we humans are susceptible to errors. Therefore, there is always a risk that, due to one of the two factors, you will lose that important file that was not backed up. Horrible, isn’t it? But there are tools that can help you solve the problem.

One of them is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac, gives EaseUS Software. The idea of ​​the software is simple: recover files accidentally deleted from your Mac (or from external volumes, such as pendrives and HDDs / SSDs), either by your error or by system / disk failure.

The application has simple operation: on the main screen, it is possible to select the volume and folders where the search will be carried out; then, the app will search the drive for traces of deleted files, providing, at the end of the process, a list of “recoverable” files. From there, just select what you want to retrieve and save to the chosen folder.

The entire process of searching for your volume will, of course, depend on its size – the Data Recovery Wizard scanned my Mac’s (128GB) SSD in just under an hour, while a 16GB pendrive took just over ten minutes to be fully scanned. In both cases, a list of recently deleted files was displayed at the end of the process. It is worth noting, in fact, that the software is even capable of recovering entire lost partitions, if that is its goal.

Obviously, it is not in all cases that the utility will be able to recover your desired file; the process is more likely to work if you run the software immediately after accidental erasure, as, over time, the traces of that data are being replaced on your disk. Still, it is worth a try even if the file has been lost for a long time – who knows, you might be out of luck?

The software, it should be noted, works on basically any file system you want, from APFS and HFS + to traditional NTFS, FAT and exFAT. In addition, it has broad support for macOS, and can run on all versions from Snow Leopard to the current Catalina.

Enjoy the promotion!

The EaseUs Data Recovery Software for Mac, in its Pro version, normally costs R $ 405.48, but you can take advantage of our promotion and purchase the utility with 50% discount through this link – with that, it goes out for R $ 202.74; the EaseUS online store accepts credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers and boleto bancário. It is worth noting that before you can test the application for free to check its operation.

Enjoy! ?