Insurance for electronic equipment from Porto Seguro

★ Did you buy a smartphone, tablet or notebook on Black Friday? Protect your device and rest assured!


Electronic devices are not cheap products, even when purchased abroad. That, in itself, would be reason to worry and protect them in some way. Here in the Brazilthen, the scenario gets worse. In addition to much higher prices, we must always be concerned with the issue of safety.

Imagine paying R $ 4,400 on an iPhone 6 Plus or more than R $ 5,000 on a MacBook and in a few days having your device stolen? Boring, right? Unfortunately, this is a common scenario in our country. That’s where the safe harbor. She has an essential service, indispensable for any Brazilian: insurance for electronic equipment.

Insurance for electronic equipment from Porto Seguro

Seriously: is there anything better than taking out insurance for your iPhone, iPad or MacBook and being unconcerned about that kind of thing? And those who think they need to spend money to make such insurance are mistaken.

It is possible to protect your smartphone by paying from R $ 0.31 / day; for notebooks the value is from R $ 0.16 / day; for tablets, starting at R $ 0.18 / day. But the best part is that Porto Seguro is offering 10% off for those who take out insurance now!

Porto Seguro insurance covers the following devices:

  • Smartphones (with up to 1 year of life);
  • Notebooks (up to 4 years old);
  • Tablets (up to 5 years old);
  • Cameras (up to 5 years old);
  • Camcorders (up to 5 years old).

To hire, just have the note, tax coupon or invoice of product. That’s right, the device doesn’t even have to be purchased here in Brazil, that is, that brand new iPhone 6 that you bought in the United States – or your MacBook Pro purchased in 2011 – can also be protected by Porto Seguro. It is worth noting that, once made, the insurance is valid for a period of one year. ?

But what exactly does this insurance protect? At main coverages are:

  • Theft of the device when there is a direct threat or violence;
  • Damage caused by fire, explosions, gales and vehicle impact;
  • In addition to damage caused by electrical discharges and short circuits.

And again, the best part is worth repeating: Porto Seguro is offering this service with 10% off, for a limited time! On the insurance page it is possible to make a simulation, calculate the value and hire it in a very simple and quick way. Really: what are you waiting for? Run there and make your insurance with Porto Seguro! ?