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★ Create your native app for iPhone and iPad with GoodBarber 3.5


J heard about the world of app builders?

App builders are online platforms that allow you to build your own mobile application in a quick, personalized way and with little associated costs. This service is designed for non-programmers, since the process of building the app is simplified so that you only focus on design and content management.


The quality of the apps can be equal to or even superior to that of a native app, since it is developed by highly specialized teams in programming and design, making the focus essentially on providing the best resources for users.

There are several app builders on the market, some more focused on hybrid apps, others on web apps or native apps, which offer a better response on the device since the app created in the official language of the system.

A native app for iPhone and iPad means that the app was developed using Objective-C code to run on any type of iOS device carrier. What does that mean? Without a doubt, a better experience for the user!

Faster content loading, superior app navigability, content presentation adapted to the device's screen size, you can view the content even offline, customize everything with more details, the design, and still have access to the functionality of the smartphone such as photo camera, GPS, etc.

THE GoodBarber one of the platforms app builders pioneers in the native applications segment and, therefore, offers an excellent service in terms of mobile content management, design and promotion. In addition to being able to build your native app for iPhone and iPad, you can also develop the native version for Android and web app compatible with all devices.


The platform immediately draws attention due to the attractive design. With more than 50 models (templates) available, a high resolution image gallery free and advanced customization tools including some of the most popular iOS effects, the design will inspire you to make your app even more interesting. In addition, GoodBarber offers 8 navigation models so that you can enhance the content and provide better navigability. With GoodBarber you have endless customization options, it is almost impossible to create an app that looks like any other.


Another aspect worth noting is the possibility that GoodBarber offers to bring together the entire digital presence of a brand or service on a single mobile device. Through the mCMS system and the 37 external connectors, you can add a unique content to your app and manage it whenever you want.


You can connect the app to an external source of content such as WordPress, Blogger, social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) or channels of livestreaming (radio and TV).


This is a very practical way of encouraging traffic to your digital platforms via a single device. The user saves time in searching for your brand in the digital world and you will probably win another assiduous reader or a new interaction. And if you resort to powerful notification platform push, you can duplicate your app's content traffic as it is possible to trigger personalized notifications for a certain type of content.


But the news does not end here! The company recently launched its online store add-ons and, with it, user authentication that allows them to login to the app and browse social networks or the internal channel of a web app. Yes, apps made with GoodBarber are becoming more and more social. What does this mean? More engagement, more demographic data and a better mobile experience for the user since there is more interaction between your app and your social network.


With this functionality, you have access to users' social data and their behavior on social networks, which is certainly very important information to optimize your mobile strategy. You can also meet the most influential users and, eventually, know what they are talking about your product / service.


This is just the starting point for many other features that will be released later this year, such as the creation of community and social groups which allow users to interact with each other within the app itself. In addition to social features, GoodBarber also launches new possibilities focused on local commerce and very soon the possibility of making reservations via mobile device (through technology developed by startup Mougli, a company that was recently acquired by GoodBarber).

We suggest you try the GoodBarber test version that offers the possibility to create your app for free and test it for 30 days! If you're satisfied, you can sign up for one of GoodBarber's plans that start at $ 16 a month.

About GoodBarber

GoodBarber a app builder leader in Europe in the creation of mobile apps. She created simple-to-use software that allows anyone to create mobile applications with the possibility of adding a unique and appealing design for iPhone, iPad and Android.

GoodBarber also has other tools that promote interest, engagement and the building of loyalty programs between the brand and the user. Apps can be made by a simple user or by a reseller, being a perfect alternative for mobile projects created natively (since they are more expensive and long lasting). Once the app is published in online stores, GoodBarber provides a set of marketing tools to stimulate the increase in the number of conversions.

GoodBarber, definitely, the solution for the success of any brand in the mobile world today is considered the most popular platform to impact users.