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★ Apple specialized network reinvents service to ensure everyone is connected during quarantine

Social isolation is not being easy, but have you ever stopped to think that without your iPhone could it be even worse? Nobody wants to be disconnected during the quarantine, as this is the only way to contact the people we love so much.

There are so many discoveries in the face of a recluse moment that we end up realizing that technology goes against what we have believed for a long time: it brings us closer to not only loved ones, but also to relationships with studies and work.

While part of the population is working remotely, another part of our society cannot stop. There is no way: certain services cannot be performed remotely. the case of specialized technical assistance.

Although the administrative team is able to do the homework, the team that, in fact, repairs the devices, needs to be present. What to do then minimize risks?

Understanding your role

J recognized for its excellent service and humanized values, the iCaiu I would not have a different posture at that moment. The entire process was rethought and optimized, with a focus on employee safety.

Since it was born in 2016, iCaiu has had a mission: to untie the bad feeling that comes up whenever we think about the experience of needing to fix our cell phone, among them: the fear of being cheated, as well as insecurity. With transparency, pleasant environment and ratings of +4.9 in all stores, iCaiu transformed all insecurity into trust and satisfaction.

Honoring the title of excellence that it has already achieved, Apple's specialized assistance made sure to understand how to continue serving, reviewing the operation from the beginning to the end. The result? All care What is needed is being taken into consideration and respect for customers and dear employees, who make everything work without forgetting excellence and deadlines.

Satisfied customers, even from afar

We know that anyone with a iPhone, one iPad or one Apple Watch broken hurry! That is why iCaiu acted differently and intelligently to maintain agility. Regarding stores, it opted to keep only two centrals open: one in So Paulo and another in Rio de Janeiro.


It is important to note that they * are * not * open to the public. Repairs are made only by appointment and, in addition to the environment being left with open doors and airy, O use of masks, alcohol gel it's the distance of at least one meter these are mandatory and indispensable items for all employees who need to be there.

Still, iCaiu understands that it is important to reduce the circulation of people on the streets. Therefore, there is a team of motorcycle couriers who collect the devices, take assistance and return them on the same day when it comes to simple repairs, such as changing the screen or battery.

For those who need a plate repair, have had problems with a short circuit or are having problems with their Apple Watch or iPad, the repair options are the same as mentioned above and the deadline follows the previous pattern of the pandemic.


all very simple: just schedule (the day before) the removal of the device to repair the iPhone and the iCaiu team will take care of everything, at no additional cost for shipping. It is worth remembering that, to meet all demand, the service team is working with extended hours: from 7 am to 9 pm.


ICaiu is doing everything possible to be gift and operating normally at this moment. Keeping the livelihood of 50 families, the company understands the importance of a solid partnership. That is why, so far, none of its employees have been dismissed due to the crisis caused by the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are working hard so that the scenario continues, after all, the essence of the company is made by the people who compose it.

So much focus and dedication are just some of the reasons why, in addition to specialized Apple support, iCaiu has developed into several solutions that have solidified over time. With marketplace (buying and selling used iPhones), different repairs, Clube de Proteo (which saves the devices in case of fall, contact with water or short), guarantees and reinforces the idea of ​​smart and minimalist consumption, optimizing the useful life of appliances with a one-year warranty.

All the care and support that iCaiu is offering to its customers and employees at this moment is a reflection of what they want for the market: conscience. It is time to support small entrepreneurs and create a chain of good, indicating services that deserve recognition so that everyone can walk at that moment.