★ App allows study for contests interactively


The hustle and bustle of modern life makes time increasingly scarce.

And the time for those who study, then?

Student life, even more concurseiro, composed of numerous deprivations, with the need to leave the pleasures aside to make room for studies.

With that in mind, Casa do Concurseiro, a company that recently launched the Concurseiro Game, a tool for relaxation without losing focus on studies, launched the app House of Questes.

Quest House on iPhones

Casa das Questes is a product of Casa do Concurseiro, created in August 2013.

In it, registered users have access to several questions from numerous contest stalls to do simulations, which can be fully customized, that is, it is possible to choose the bank, the schooling, bodies and number of questions for each subject.

By signing the product, the user will have access to the issue resolved on video by a teacher from the area.

In other words, the student studies and by checking the feedback he can understand what went wrong, solving his debt instantly.

This app allows the user to have more than 15 thousand questions from the most diverse competition organizing boards available to his cell phone or tablet.

Furthermore, when you finish your simulations, you have the option of becoming a subscriber to the application, a procedure that will provide immediate access to the explanatory videos of each answer.

The app is already available in iOS and Android versions and, in less than a month of its launch, it already occupies a prominent position in the education category within the App Store.

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