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↪ With the discontinuation of Aperture, Adobe creates step-by-step instructions for Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

About a month after Apple announced the discontinuation of Aperture and iPhoto in favor of the new Photos app on OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, Adobe is today taking advantage of Apple's move to announce important things. First, Adobe published a new website (in English) that details the advantages of Lightroom over Aperture. Most importantly, Adobe has released a guide (PDF) with a step-by-step transition from Aperture to Lightroom. The guide also includes some answers to frequently asked questions.

J a movement like that of the Adobe. The "novelty" here is due to the speed of the thing: a little more than a month later, the company has already shown itself ready to receive the current users of Aperture that most likely will not even have such a professional environment to work on Photos for OS X, at least not in his first verse. (9to5Mac)