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↪ Microsoft continues to attack Apple in its commercials; the ball went to Siri again

Perhaps what you need is not a bigger phone, but a more personal personal assistant. Cortana, on the Lumia 830, does more than Siri. How to tell you that you need to leave early for an appointment with traffic alerts. Cortana can even remember things based on who called or texted. Ready to find your new personal assistant? Learn more at

Lately the focus of Microsoft it's all at Apple. In the hardware segment, the company loves to compare the Surface Pro 3 and partner devices with the MacBook Air; in the software area, the comparison between virtual assistants Cortana and Crab It is inevitable and also nothing new, since this comparison has already been made a few times in the past. In today's one, she wanted to highlight the fact that the new (bigger) iPhones bring absolutely no big news to Siri, which remains ?a little limited?. (MacRumors)