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↪ Flyover reaches nine more locations, including cities and sights in the US and Europe

Grand Canyon Flyover

See the main metropolitan areas from above in the photo and interactive 3D viewing modes. Explore places in high resolution with zoom, panoramic, vertical rotation and rotating around cities and their tourist spots.

The above description of Flyover, present in iOS since the seventh version of the system. Turns and moves Apple updates the feature coverage and, this week, nine more locations are now part of the Ma map catalog: Avignon, Biarritz and Perpignan (in France), The Devil's Tower (in Wyoming), Dunedin ( in New Zealand), Grand Canyon and Barringer Crater (in Arizona), Royal Gorge (in Arkansas) and Visby (in Sweden). On a related note, the Crab he also learned information about film schedules in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Spain. We move forward, (well) little by little (MacRumors, AppleInsider)