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↪ Document from a surveillance company shows that, unlike Android devices, the iPhone is safe

The secrets of one of the most prominent surveillance companies in the world, the Gamma Group, was released on the Internet last week, courtesy of an anonymous whistleblower who appears to have access to sensitive corporate documents. And while they provide great details about the capabilities of Gamma's many spy tools, perhaps the most surprising revelation about something the company is unable to do: it cannot hack into your iPhone.

Android phones, some BlackBerries and phones running older Microsoft operating systems are all vulnerable to spyware Gamma, called FinSpy, which can turn your smart phone into a powerful surveillance device.

Still according to the matter of the Washington Post, after installing the spyware designed for government / intelligence agencies to remotely monitor cell phones and tablets allows listening to conversations, accessing contacts, activating the microphone, viewing the location of users and more! The good news is that if your iPhone is not jailbroken, you are protected from FinSpy at least that is indicated by the company document (PDF), published in April 2014. (AppleInsider)