MacBook Pro with Retina screen viewed from above

↪ Apple is aware of the keyboard / trackpad freeze on the new MacBooks Pro Retina; correction will come out soon

MacBook Pro with Retina screen viewed from above

Through a support article published on its website, Apple has warned that it is aware of the problem involving – according to the company, “rare” – keyboard / trackpad freeze of the new 13-inch MacBooks Pro with Retina display, and that is working to resolve it via software / firmware update. Meanwhile, Apple gives you a hint to temporarily solve the problem: as soon as everything freezes, close the laptop and leave it there for about a minute. Then, use it again normally. publicity

MacBook Pro thumbnail with Retina display MacBook Pro with Retina display

Price: from R $ 5,999.00 (or 12x interest-free R $ 499.92)Sizes: 13 and 15 inchesCurrent generation: end of 2013

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