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Arf. Né en 1969, 3 enfants et un peu Geek sur les bords. Technicien informatique dans la fonction publique. Alliance francophone.

Dnetc Rush Day "Aquarius Race"

11 Mar 18:00 UTC – 13 Mar 18:00 UTC

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Dnetc Rush Day "Aquarius Race"
Dnetc@Home's "Aquarius Race" will be 2 days challenge starting on February 11th at 18:00 UTC and ending on February 13th at 18:00 UTC. Only workunits downloaded after February 11th at 18:00 UTC and returned by February 13th at 18:00 UTC will be counted toward the challenge scores.

Good luck :)
10 Feb 2011 | 16:42:09 UTC · Comment

Dnetc Rush Day "The Zodiac Signs" Challenge
http://dnetc.net/forum_thread.php?id=370#3323 28 Jan 2011 | 19:38:14 UTC · Comment

Good news !
Today few users have donated directly our project server, and make declaration they will donate project monthly.

Thank you very much to all who are supporting DnetC.net
28 Jan 2011 | 17:46:46 UTC · Comment

The project will work to 31/01/2011 - lack of finances to maintain the server.
In the absence of contributions to the maintenance of the server, the project will work to 31.01.2011, until further notice. - OxyOne - 27 Jan 2011 | 17:40:19 UTC · Comment

New ATI/AMD application
New application for ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2xxx/3xxx/5xxx/68xx Cards is now available (Windows only). This version finally support new 68xx series with full power (about 3 times faster than the previous version).

Because of problems with new application we back to old one until we fix problems with new one.

Fixed. Now server will send new application to host only with AMD Radeon 68xx cards (plan class amd68xx).
19 Dec 2010 | 13:04:37 UTC · Comment

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